Frequently Asked Questions About a Group Home

Frequently asked questions from professionals:

  • What kind of programming do you offer? We offer daily comprehensive programming that includes individualized treatment approach, staff facilitated educational groups in a structured family setting.
  • What educational services are provided? We provide an on site school supervised by the Ashland School District as well as opportunities to transition in to the public school of Ashland Middle School and the Ashland High School.
  • What are your rates? Our annual daily rates are located on the Rates and Facilities page on this site.
  • How do I make a referral to Prentice House? Contact any of the program directors or email us from this site.
  • What are the differences between Prentice House 1, 2, and 3? There are no differences between the three programs, except that they are at different locations throughout the city of Ashland.
  • What is the average length of stay? Length of stay for a resident can vary greatly, on average though, it will take a resident nine months to complete his program successfully.
  • Do you have access to out patient AODA services? Yes. We utilize the services provided by the Memorial Medial Treatment Center – Behavioral Health in Ashland.
  • Do you have access to mental health and psychiatric services? Yes. We utilize Superior Counseling Services, Memorial Medial Treatment Center – Behavioral Health, and other service providers as necessary.
  • Do you take girls? No. At this time we do not provide services for juvenile females.
  • What are the ages and how many residents are at each house? Each house is licensed to accept up to 8 residents of the ages of 11 through 17.
  • How many persons are on staff and what are their qualifications? We have a minimum 4:1 resident to staff ratio during awake hours. All staff are in compliance with the state regulations for employment.
  • What kind of activities are the residents involved in? In the past our residents have participated in school sponsored sports, drama productions, local running or biking races, and volunteering for local events and those in need.

Frequently asked questions from parents and families:

  • When can I visit my child? Visitations can occur daily, weekly, or monthy dependent on each resident's Treatment plan goals. All visitations are approved by the placing agency and the program director.
  • When can my child come home for a visit? Your child may go home for a visit with the approval of the placing agency and the program director.
  • Is there anything my child cannot have at the group home? There are items considered contraband and are not allowed at Prentice House. They include, but may not be limited to: weapons of any kind, gang related clothing or paraphernalia, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, lighters or matches, or cell phones. Other items that we encourage your child not to have at the group home are MP3 players, I Pods, Gaming Systems (such as PS2 or Wii), stereos, bikes, and any other items of value. We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken personal items. If you are unsure of whether or not an item is allowed, please contact a Prentice House staff for approval.
  • Can I send my child packages in the mail? Yes. Both letters and packages are allowed while your child is at Prentice House. Please do not send any of the prohibited items listed above. If you are unsure please contact a Prentice House staff for approval.
  • When can I call my child? The best time to contact your child is in the early evening between the hours of 5 PM and 7PM. If these times do not work, please set up an alternative schedule with Prentice House staff.
  • Can my child have his own cell phone? No.