With our on site school as the cornerstone of our educational services, Prentice House Inc. is able to provied extensive and effective educational programming.  Upon admission, all residents are enrolled in the Ashland School District and attend either Ashland High School, Ashland Middle School, or our on site school.  The school district provides complete regular and special education services to all Prentice House residents.  Academic performance is a priority at Prentice House Inc., and many of our residents experience incredible achievements during their stay with us.


Our on site school is located on the grounds of Prentice House 2 and administered by the Ashland School District.  The school district provides the teacher and the curriculum while Prentice House Inc. provides the facility, equipment, and support staff.  This partnership allows for a comprehensive educational assessment that enables us to place residents in an academic setting that they will be successful in.  While attending the on site school, residents receive "Ashland School District Credits" in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.  Based on Treatment Plannning, residents have the opportunity to transition into the public high school or middle school where they have access to larger and more extensive curriculums as well as social opportunities.  By transitioning to the public school setting, many residents begin to lay the foundation for a successful reuinification to their home communities.  For those students that are severely "credit defficient" or expelled from their home schools, Prentice House Inc. staff and the Ashland School District will work closely to develop a plan for graduation that will pave the way to a High School Diploma or H.S.E.D.


Prentice House Inc. has joined in partnership with Northland College in Ashland to develop an academic tutoring program that utilizes Northland Education Majors to assist Prentice House residents in improving their academic skills.  Using our philosophy of relationship building while under the supervision of Prentic House Inc. staff and the Northland Education Department, the tutors spend time with select Prentice House residents to learn what their personal as well as academic goals and aspirations are.  Weekly sessions are taylored to each resident's need and ability level.  This cooperative effort provides Nothland students with invaluable classroom training experience as well as giving Prentice House residents additional opportunities for academic excellence.


Prentice House residents have full and complete access to all extra curricular activities provided by the Ashland School District as well as the Ashland community.  Individual and team sports, drama performances, clubs, and special events all give our residents ample opportunities to experience a full and healthy lifestyle.  These experiences can be invaluable in building confidence, character, and social skills that will translate to successful and fulfilling lives.